The procurement of the UN and many other affiliated institutions has given birth to a new global market, in which the average purchase amount is moderate in size. These purchasers need new sources of supplies, which is an excellent opportunity for the import and export companies throughout the world. But more often than not they lack a deep understanding of the Chinese companies. Meanwhile, quite a few Chinese import and export companies have already met the qualifications for the UN procurement suppliers, but they lack the basic knowledge of the channels and rules of the UN procurement. Moreover, many of them are medium-sized, leaving their integrity almost impossible, which causes many “Made in China” products finding their way into the UN procurement indirectly. Against this background, both home and abroad, Derui Malaka Group established the Public Service Platform for the UN and International Organizations’ Procurement by integrating various resources of its subsidiaries.

Apply the Strength of Integration

Serve the Bilateral Needs

Explore the International Market

What We Do:

·Offer Procurement Information Promptly 

·Facilitate Cooperation Efficiently 

·Secure the Credit System Effectively 

·Explore the Multimarket Broadly 

·Promote the Bilateral Utility Notably

For Chinese Suppliers:

1. Information Services

·Introduce the procurement system and procedure of the UN and other affiliated international organizations 

·Search and recommend other kinds of quality buyers

2. Technological Services

·Help with information consulting,procurement instruction, commercial training, etc. for interested suppliers 

·Provide with the Chinese translation version of tendering and bidding information 

·Assist with bidding documentation and reviewing

3.Security Services

·The commercial security is ensured with the supervision and instruction of CAPUNP 

·Set up safe and standard regulations for the participants

4.Company Promotion

·Bring the companies to a broader international market

·Create opportunities to establish the brand image 

·Increase the suppliers’ business profits



  • A database including more than 20,000 Chinese quality suppliers ranging over all industries except the military and state controlled ones.

  • A self-contained professional team for supply chain.

  • A professional team with rich experience in the international trade.

  • An experienced service team, especially in legal & financial affairs.

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Touring Inspection of the Enterprises (in Jinhua) by CAPUNP
Fair for the Suppliers of ICRC China and the United Nations Children's Fund in Jinhua
Seminar on the Purchased Products of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) China 
Fair for the Purchasers and Suppliers of the UN Procurement
Procurement Item
Procurement Amount
An enterprise in Fujian province
US$ 287960
An enterprise in Zhejiang province
US$ 589890
Antiseptic swab
An enterprise in Guangdong province
US$ 126560