What We Do:

·Offer Procurement Information Promptly 

·Facilitate Cooperation Efficiently 

·Secure the Credit System Effectively 

·Explore the Multimarket Broadly 

·Promote the Bilateral Utility Notably

For Chinese Suppliers:

1. Information Services

·Introduce the procurement system and procedure of the UN and other affiliated international organizations 

·Search and recommend other kinds of quality buyers

2. Technological Services

·Help with information consulting,procurement instruction, commercial training, etc. for interested suppliers 

·Provide with the Chinese translation version of tendering and bidding information 

·Assist with bidding documentation and reviewing

3.Security Services

·The commercial security is ensured with the supervision and instruction of CAPUNP 

·Set up safe and standard regulations for the participants

4.Company Promotion

·Bring the companies to a broader international market

·Create opportunities to establish the brand image 

·Increase the suppliers’ business profits