AS our group constantly explores the UN and affiliated international organizations’procurements market and makes promotion in the area, the professional service and enterprising philosophy of the group has gained more and more approval and commends from other countries and international traders, Some of which  have already expressed the wish to cooperate with us. In this case, we can bring more business opportunities to our imp.&exp. enterprises in the market of international trade. It is expectable, that the platform and our group could help to form a beneficial trade circle, in which the government procurement and commercial purchasing depend on each other.

The platform in Sri Lanka

WEhave visited the special consultant of Sri Lankan president, the Ministry of Agriculture, Health, Urban Construction, and Investment. The commercial relationship was set up.

The platform in Brazil

ACCOMPANIED by the business department of Chinese embassy in Brazil, we had a conference with the vice minister of Trade and Development Ministry in Brazil.

Procurement Item
Procurement Amount
Children’s articles
A Chilean company
A company in Jiangsu province
US$ 1655890
An Arabic company
A company in Zhejiang province
US$ 158450
Daily necessities
A Spanish company
A company in Zhejiang province
US$ 1323500
A Kuwaiti company
A company in Zhejiang province
US$ 553568
Building materials
A Brazilian company
A building materials company in Beijing
US$ 668758
Extrusion machine accessories
A Sri Lankan Company
An enterprise in Guangdong province
US$ 323568